The Dream Machine, Now Live.

Experience compact gaming with superior airflow and
join the small form factor revolution today.

Hit us up if you've got questions about configuring
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Dream Builds

Same Day Delivery Available!

From S$1,600 S$1,175

SFF Dream Builds

Same Day Delivery Available!

From S$985 S$775

Dream Machine *NEW*

Compact Gaming, Superior Airflow

From S$1,736 S$1,626

Ghost V3.0

Your eSports Battlestation

From S$1,431 S$1,266


Innovation Reborn

From S$1,776 S$1,516


Winners go first, not After.

From S$1,556 S$1,331

Alpha Pro

All Grown Up

From S$2,121 S$1,751

Reverie WX

Ultimate Workstation

From S$2,356 S$2,001


Substance Beyond Size

From S$1,516 S$1,406
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  • 3 years parts and service, 1st year on-site warranty

  • Free lifetime technical support