Dreamcore Alpha Pro

All Grown Up

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Ultra Gaming Platform

Introducing the gaming focused Alpha Pro - a no holds barred version of its baby brother. Boasting a tempered glass exterior in the beautiful Corsair 500D SE Obsidian Series, this is the build for those looking to push the boundaries in both form and function.

Exceptional Brilliance

The Alpha Pro sports 3 x brilliant Corsair LL120 ARGB fans by default, upgradeable to 6. They are second to none with exceptional Corsair iCUE lighting control, allowing you to achieve your desired aesthetic with ease. Pair them with Corsair's Vengeance Pro ARGB memory and the H150i PRO, and you've got one of the best gaming systems money can buy.

Alpha Pro - Unlike any other.

Own the advantage now

Powered by MSI and Corsair

Powered by the world's best, experience true craftsmanship and quality.

4K gaming, now accessible.

Take your gaming to the next level with NVIDIA's RTX 30-series of graphics cards. Achieve pure performance with the MSI's Ventus lineup, or go for bling with the Gaming X Trio - with the variety of options available, we're confident there's a graphics card for everyone.

Alpha Pro - Unlike any other.

Own the advantage now

Maximum Cooling

Takes up to dual radiators for maximum cooling. Opt for a custom water-cooled system to truly bring out the beauty and power of your Alpha Pro.

Latest and Greatest

Break the limits of your battlestation. Equip the Alpha Pro
with the latest and greatest AMD and Intel processors and obliterate the competition.

Your personal battlestation

With hardware built to push frame rates, you'll never have to tweak your in-game graphics settings again. Stop wasting time and start kicking ass.

Alpha Pro - Unlike any other.

Own the advantage now

Play hard, rest easy

With Dreamcore’s comprehensive 3 year warranty (first year on-site) and lifetime phone/chat support, we’ll handle the awful, you handle the awesome.

Hardware tested

All Dreamcore machines are rigorously hardware tested before being shipped to you to ensure they are virtually indestructible.

Service second to none

Chat with us online! We’re happy to clarify any questions you may have—pleasant experience guaranteed!


Dreamcore Alpha Pro Chassis

External Dimensions:
507  mm x 237 mm x 500 mm
(Height x Width x Depth)

Key Chassis Features

Primary Materials: Steel, Aluminium, Tempered Glass
Finish: Black

– Dual tempered glass winged side panels
– Tempered glass front panel
– Removal dust filters (Roof, Front, PSU)

Front I/O Ports

– 2 x USB 3.0
– 1 x USB 3.1 Type-C (with applicable of motherboard)
– Audio In/Out
– Power & Reset Button

Rear I/O Ports

– USB ports vary accordingly with choice of motherboard
– Audio/Microphone Jacks
– Gigabit Ethernat LAN port
– Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Optional

What’s in the box?

– Dreamcore Alpha Pro Custom Desktop PC
– Power Adapter
– Authentic Windows 10 Key (if applicable)
– Completed Stress-Test and Benchmark Checklist
– Quick Start and Warranty Guide


Each Dreamcore Alpha Pro comes with:
– 3 years part and service warranty with first-year onsite
– Lifetime basic servicing plan (includes cleaning and thermal paste application)


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  • 3 years parts and service, 1st year on-site warranty

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