iCUE Systems

Your Setup at Your Command

From S$2,683 S$2,224


What is iCUE?

Corsair iCUE allows you to unite your setup, turning your entire setup into a cohesive, fully immersive ecosystem with intuitive control.

All your lighting, all together.

Corsair’s iCUE components are compatible with their iCUE software that allows you to synchronize the RGB lighting on all your compatible Corsair devices for a setup-wide light show beyond compare.

Get personal with PC performance

Monitor real-time temperatures, set custom lighting effects to inform you if your temps start running high, and create automated fan curves to adjust fan speeds.

Customisable profiles

Adjust your system’s performance based on your activity – make a quiet mode for focusing on work, a max performance mode for gaming at high settings, or anything in-between.

What's included?

– Dreamcore Alpha iCUE or Alpha Pro iCUE Custom Desktop PC
– Power Adapter
– Authentic Windows 10 Key (if applicable)
– Completed Stress-Test and Benchmark Checklist
– Quick Start and Warranty Guide


Each Dreamcore iCUE System comes with:
– 3 years parts and service warranty with first-year onsite
– Lifetime basic servicing plan (includes cleaning and thermal application)


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Configure your iCUE system today.

Take full control and put together a fully custom iCUE configuration, or check out one of our recommended tiers for guaranteed performance.

Customize from scratch

Take control of your custom PC experience and tailor your iCUE desktop exactly to your needs.

Starting Configuration:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600
16GB DDR4-3600MHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super

As configured:


iCUE AMD Dream Builds

Curate your experience with our pre-designed iCUE Dream Builds, tailored for fans of AMD’s most popular processors.

Starting Configurations:
Tier 1: AMD 5600X + RTX 3070 | From $3,445
Tier 2: AMD 5800X + RTX 3080 | From $4,395

As configured:


iCUE Intel Dream Builds

Curate your experience with our pre-designed iCUE Dream Builds, tailored for fans of Intel’s next-gen processors.

Starting Configuration:
Tier 1: Intel i5-12600K + RTX 3070 | From $3,395
Tier 2: Intel i7-12700K+ RTX 3080 | From $4,195

As configured:

  • Multiple fast, and flexible local delivery options

  • 3 years parts and service, 1st year on-site warranty

  • Free lifetime technical support